Reviews for "Choose Your Character 2"


if you have ever submitted anything cant be botherd to look to see, but it says either "video" or "game/interactive" this is obviously interactive.

random and i like the darth maul one lolol



Just started looking at your flash! Are these characters used in your movies?
Guessing so
I want to see all the characters so if you make a 3, please so all charaters

Note to other reviewers: Do not review this game by saying
It should a fighting game! It sux if it isn't! Change it!

Choose a character read info about it and thats it
do not compare games to other games (or movies)

Carbonwater responds:

A lot of these characters were designed to appear in my movies, but many of them were never used.

I suppose I can always use them in the future though.

Cool but

NO Kiln!!! he was my favorite

Secret character
A Thief Live on The Edge
of society,steals daily just
so he can survive.

-misses the taste of

You know I always wanted to make a character roster of my own in flash. But I settled for just drawing my own.

But hey still fun stuff.

Carbonwater responds:

True. Also I remember the coding for this being super basic, so if I could do it couldn't be that hard.