Reviews for "Choose Your Character 2"

A lot of effort

But it's quite boring. There is nothing to do in this than read some character bios.

nice menu

but its still just menu ...


pretty good but i found a glitch, when the screen apears with "PLAY" in big letters right click and select play, it will go to a error bio with "////error" as the name, no picture and under info it has" justinbailey narpassword error". if you want the extra characters just right click and select play to cycle thru the characters, after "lavid detterman" it goes to a flashing screen saying "not happening buddy" or something like that.


My main objection to this is that it isn't actually a game, there is no challenge fun or enjoyment in it.

I can see that it has been well thought up and I respect that you have worked hard on it, but it should have been posted as a slide show or as a short film.

what the...

im not even sure if i got to the game or not. i thought itd be something interesting with a rating like that, but its nothing. theres not even a game to it. this thing needs plot, storyline(besides the bios) and a point! are there even actual characters of most of these people on other flashes, or something?!?! On a plus side though, art is AMAZING!!! it sounds like you have a good imagination from what i read, so please work on something that makes sense to display. 3 for the art.