Reviews for "Choose Your Character 2"

very good

bit you should put a secret buton or something to unlock the characters
other than that the game is very good 8/10

Carbonwater responds:

The secret characters are accessed though the random button.

not a game, sorry.

I give it an 8 due to the fact i can really see the amount of effort you put into this submission. You have done great work with this. But it is definitely not a game. it's more of a slide show than anything else. games have plot's and things that need to be done. This is more of a "Come look at my great flash abilities". no offense intended. it was good. but not a game.

Flash Review #352

Haha lol! that was awsome! i luv it! awsome job!

Pretty kewl, i like the interface.

Its got a kewl selection screen, i ithnk it should have like a scene to depict the charecters skills after you cxlick them. if it does and i couldent figure it out my bad =P

It's very well done...

... but it feels very unfinished. Just my two cents, so please take it for what it's worth. Thanks for uploading this!

(I know you don't want to turn it into a fighting game, but perhaps you might like to turn it into some other kind of game? It's very funny and high-quality; you have a great start!)