Reviews for "Die Die Die"

its great!

its good, but dont tell me you belive that shit. just becouse of a calender people didnt get to make longer than 2012, doesnt mean its the end of everything. the calender on my phone didnt finish 2107, the world doesnt end that date either xD but i am probably ended a long time before that xD lol great song though :P


OMG I love this to shreds.....And I'm already plotting to program it into my little cousin's phone and then call her, just to see what her and her parents say. XD This song is hilarious.

(P.S- I don't believe we're gonna 'DIE DIE DIEDIEDIIIEEEEE' in 2012. XD)

Can't get enough!

Really, We're all gonna Die! :D


This is wierd but cool tune. It is very funny.

Good but could be awkward...

Awesome song but not good in these situations.
At a Funeral
Watching 2012
In a hospital
Watching ANY horror movie
And I can't be bothered to think of more.