Reviews for "Die Die Die"

The most fitting background

I put on Angry Faic, and suddenly I imagine him shouting at everyone EVERYBODY'S GONNA DIE YOUR GONNA YOUR GONNA DIE YOUR GONNA DIE YOUR GONNA DIE Who's gonna die? YOUR GONNA DIE!!! One of the best songs I have ever heard.


is there somthing that is better than this anmation works fine with this but i prefer it in this format!


OMG I love this to shreds.....And I'm already plotting to program it into my little cousin's phone and then call her, just to see what her and her parents say. XD This song is hilarious.

(P.S- I don't believe we're gonna 'DIE DIE DIEDIEDIIIEEEEE' in 2012. XD)


I can't stop laughing..

OH Gawd

For some reason i see care bears and the Chipmunks singing this.