Reviews for "Die Die Die"


this is going on my channel and i will give you credit... THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME MUSIC!! :D

Good but could be awkward...

Awesome song but not good in these situations.
At a Funeral
Watching 2012
In a hospital
Watching ANY horror movie
And I can't be bothered to think of more.

Awesome song

I gotta be honest. I have this as a ringtone on my phone. Thanks so much for making it available. I also give full credit to TeamBeatman when I'm asked about it.


The most adorable way you can say you're going to die and when. I don't believe in that 2012 story, though. o-o

Well, I like the song!

Well really because it is just 2 cute chipmunks is gonna sing a song about 2012 which is better.