Reviews for "Pentopuss Soup"

Stage 2 is

extremely hard to understand. The buried treasure thing is the coords for the grub field though, but I don't understand what to do when the timer starts. Maybe a little help here? Otherwise I understand the operations of the character though. Not a bad game at all.

on level 3 i was like "OMG THAT EVIL CREATURE THAT WAS THE CREATURE OF THE START BUTTON!!! (to creature:) WHY YOU EAT LITTLE GUYS? YOU BAT CREATURE! YOU VERY BAD CREATURE!!!" by the way, VERY nice game :) great work!

gradual escalation in difficulty is appreciated

I've enjoyed this game. It took a while to figure out the controls, and I was about to give it up, but it turned ouf fun. The first stage was basically to help you figure out your objective, but the second one went too far too soon, and took a while to get through.


It's definitely a game for those who want a challange. If you only know how to play hit and run games, then stay away from it. But for those who have been looking for an innovative game play, real stages and obstacles, then this is it. Congrats. I'm not easily satisfied.

Flash Review #329

haha awsome game! i like it!