Reviews for "Pentopuss Soup"

I'm bored.

I wanted to play this, I really did. It looked like it was going to be quite interesting.
Then I went to the tutorial, and I had to wait and wait for the dialog. By the time it was showing me how to move, I was tired of that bit and waiting to see how to actually play the game. Please make the text faster, or allow the user to hit next, or something.
I started playing the game, figuring I would just pick it up as I went along...and had no clue what I was doing.
I hate to say it this way, but there are a lot of games on this site. Maybe I missed something, but if I have to sit and wait just to learn the most basic objectives of your game, I'll just go find one that I can open and play, no waiting.

the game got jammed

no other way to decribe it it got stuck it wouldn't let me make more babies is that normal or is it a glitch?

fun but hard

even with this tutorial its still ahrd to play it...

wasnt quite sure of the point

i wasn't quite sure what the objective of this was. but since it seemed interesting and that it may have potential, i'll give it a 6.

Flash Review #329

haha awsome game! i like it!