Reviews for "Pentopuss Soup"


It's definitely a cool little puzzle. The controls bother me. Instead of having to hold on to keys and click, might as well made it easier to press certain keys alone (without the clicking) instead. On average, it kept me busy for some time.

gradual escalation in difficulty is appreciated

I've enjoyed this game. It took a while to figure out the controls, and I was about to give it up, but it turned ouf fun. The first stage was basically to help you figure out your objective, but the second one went too far too soon, and took a while to get through.

think I got the trick

Took me a few try but I think I start to understand. You can click you ourself to add more leg (and produce more of those little thing when you shoot) then you ctr+click on yourself to remove the leg and collect the thing that appear after those little thing you create die. A cleared tutorial would really help.


Very interesting concept and it really looked promising, until I started playing. Very, very difficult gameplay and the tutorial leaves a lot to be explained. For instance, the point of the game is...? Very confusing. A little bit of a revamp and it'll be one impressive game.

Critical M79 N2

Zagreus covered something I was going to, so I'm going to cover game play.

One, I get the whole "The more little sucker cups you have anchored, the more the pods you shoot out will be worth, I got that part. What I didn't get was level 2. Where the hell is the farm area to drop off the pods? Whats with the treasure? Why am I moving so damn slow with two sucker cups. I went through the tutorial for a badly graphiced game, cute, sure, but that just masks the real problem. GAME PLAY. I seriously think this game needs to be re-made, the idea is nice, but the whole movement, key holding, firing, sucker cup release, and little baby pod things gets annoying real fast.

1/5, Sorry, I was just exspected more.