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Reviews for "Nodes 2"


the games good but not a 10/10. like sandie101 said it would've probably been better
if you had more mirrors, by the way i beat sandie101's lvl with 2 nodes to spare. | |

Fun game.

I really enjoyed this game. The level editor was a great feature. In fact... here.

2323281272343443561982052532674230433 1922615308743902948602841232349530436 8278404369043018126043179351179351231 3512313514963705223525082875191464153 51415351360351360352308351308351|||%%

Play it now, fooz.

I remember...

Hey, I actually do remember Nodes. Seemed like a long time, and I would never of expected Nodes 2.
The features were create and level editor, though simple, was a nice little touch. I thought some levels in medium had some holes in them. I didn't actually need to us all of the lines, but it did get harder. Nice job, little laggy, my fault.

That was awesome

I really enjoyed it. Hard was hard. Can't wait to see more games like this. Keep up the great work.


hey it was cool, but once i reached hard, it wasnt fun anymore...
also, where are the mirrors? ive only seen them in one easy tutorial level..
or is it in hard as well? should include it more though

ALSO heres my level!!!!1337w00t!!!!!!
1741401741102021092021392311372301081 7617120516923016820620038009237729907 9351079351129351129351179351179351231 3512313511000380933264683514683514153 51415351360351360352308351308351|%%%%

Eggy responds:

Mirrors are further into har d