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Reviews for "Nodes 2"

good game, but too easy

'nuff said

Eh, not my kind of game

it was alright, passed some time entertained me for a little bit. Could have used the mirrors a little more to make it a bit harder and more of a variety.
Heres my level if you wanna try it...
0512331010272011534853314231611243335 0607627521248605815731702935102935107 9351079351129351129351179351179351231 3512313513310194840522950224540352590 29419022360351360352308351308351%%%%%

The first nodes was harder...

but still a real fun game, and I love that you put in a level editor this time, but the mirrors were barely used. 9/10, and good job.


Try to beat that!

I just love all of your games About Nodes

and try to beat me puzzle!

Difficulty: 50% Easy/ 25% Medium/ 25%Hard

0343271981142422813291543060624592041 2022537421519435429410227704038925319 9106026348015361219097179351179351231 3512313514752031943704683514683514153 51415351360351360352308351308351||%%%

hehe :P like theese games ;)

NICE dude ;) finally nuber two of this game ;) the first one was to easy, but this one took me a while.. It was cool :D so you get ten from me :) and check this out man!!!

1971703583454381760601831642493312453 0016024507213635224529002917938236611 7365464168243050116370242045386370471 1670311795223515223524683514683514153 51415351360351360352308351308351|||||

Eggy responds:

OOO0OOoOOO A pretty star :D nice man.