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Reviews for "Nodes 2"


great idea for this game its a great mind teaser and not that difficult !

Tricky game

So not gonna lie this particular game was a tad bit tricky and didnt have much for medals but they were not easy ones and thats whats important, it was fun and I like it and its the type of game that makes you want to try just a lil harder, anyways nice game here. Decent effort I really like what you did here and the Effort does show, so thanks for putting the time in on this game once again it does show, and shows the time and skill you put into this game, And you should think about adding some new stuff as mentioned below and even in the above review lines, it will be great for all, anyways keep up the work I like the effort you put in sofar, and look forward to seeing more.

I could see you adding more types of levels but maybe you have already and some more medals wouldnt hurt either.


Eggy responds:

Thank you XwaynecoltX. This was made a while ago so I probably wouldn't be adding more to it, however I may do a new game that is similiar in style to it. Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

i like the idea of the puzzles and it has a bit of difficulty as well.

There's a mistake on the difficulty settings.

Tutorial is just tutorial, you can't lose unless you really want.

Medium is "Easy", as most nodes are almost perfectly lined up for red, and then, curved for blues. Also, some of those puzzles can be done without using all the pieces, too.

Hard is initially "Medium", then "Hard" for a little time (UNTIL LEVEL 6) and then just "Go F*** yourself" at level 7 and beyond, as it is simply impossible to ever guess what goes where, leaving it to (mostly) chance and (less mostly) sheer luck, not to mention curved node sets tend to give a false clue how to solve the level, taking valuable time away and almost always setting up the bomb.

Which is exactly what I was looking for. Not going to give up that medal.