Reviews for "Santa's Showdown"

Nothing special..

Nonetheless, this is a cute little game & was amusing to play.

I'm not dissing this mind you, am just saying it's not spectacular.

The brats voices where appropriately annoying without being too annoying.

This had good graphics & that's always a plus, espcially on NG.


The backgrounds had a very nice look to them, but there is a lot of things that should have been made different such as being able to shot faster, making the game a bit harder, you can shot targets after they've disappeared behind something...etc.


I Lol'd when you shot an elf and it said "Kill Yo Self". But other than that. it's a meh game. Nothing too original but good engine. Though you could shoot targets after they've disappeared behind obstacles.

Great Shooter

I really liked the game but it was really easy

Not bad

Santa deserves to get the lead...er...coal out once in awhile :)

DanRaniera, you can't spell "reindeer?" Honestly...