Reviews for "Fear Hole 6 - Part one"


i miss the humor.the story was good but i think you cut down to much.dan reminds me of fry from futurrama lol.ether way i love your show.and if i throw in some extra $ would you signe the shirts?

Nice story

to be honest, the humor wasn't quite as strong in this one, the characters at the award were pretty good anf funny though. The story was good though, and this still get's a 10 from me, on to part II.

Ha, random question, I know...

... But, what did you use to edit the voices to get the effect for like, the robot voice?

:D Anyway, love the creative characters in this series, keep up the great work!

Scythemantis responds:

I used Goldwave :)

And thanks!

i loved it as usual

This one felt a little less eventful than the last ones. Still pretty neat overall and I understand this is a part one of two. I love how you added in a solpugid (camelspider) into the flash. Pretty cool

Uh-oh! Troubles a brewing!

this show never fails to entertain me. and yet, i feel sorry for Dan right now. hope he DOESN'T get yelled by his employers for being in the fear hole room. lol! can't wait to see what happens next. excellent job!