Reviews for "Fear Hole 6 - Part one"

Cliff hangers

Very nice animation. Kinda dry on the humor, but im not to sure you where going that way anyways. But most importantly, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!??? good job dude


It was great overall but a bit big and long to dl. No not for me but i have heard complaints Dont worry bout it thouh I love it!

Scythemantis responds:

I use an older version of Macromedia Flash that doesn't compress very well, but one of these days I'll get ahold of a newer one and shrink all my filesizes! :)

This author shines

Graphics, animation, and sound are all right up there with the best of them.I found this flash every bit as entertaining as the rest of them and I absolutely can't wait for more of them.


it was horrable. if your gonna have a theme song for your short animated flash, try to make it bearable. there wasnt even ONE moment where i laughed. The characters had corny names. and the storyline was just kinda lame. and if you started in june, and this was what you came up with, you need to work a little harder. 1/10 seems a little to high though.

Scythemantis responds:

I think David Leicht's music is cool :)

As I mention elsewhere, it didn't take so long to make because it was HARD...I just don't spend a lot of time working on Flash stuff. This is an episode with very little humor, though, and just about the background to a couple characters.

didn't like it ..

well the graphic I liked, but the story sucked, and well.. i didn't laugh once.. not even a smile .. gah.. sorry

Scythemantis responds:

I only attempted a couple "jokes" in this one compared to earlier ones, which I think have funnier stories as well. This one is nothing but set-up for future plots :)