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Reviews for "Bomb Detonator"

Here, let me me complain!

This is no means a bad game, but there are some flaws.. First of all the gameplay is too repetitive and as said before, powerups are hard to collect without wasting your time. It's impossible to dodge the other cars at some points since they appear so suddenly. The music oh god.. You used paragon's music which isn't a bad thing since his song's are awesome but.. THEY ARE SO OLD. Too many flash games use his music, i've heard it so many times.. It's driving me mad.

CorkySurprise responds:

Perhaps they've been used loads of times for a reason! It's good suiting music, sorry if you know the tracks too well...

Besides, just because music is old doesn't make it bad! What about Queen and Elvis and the such...yeah...exactly...

Extreme Lag

this game lags on my computer like a B**** on my computer, even on the lowest graphics setting, which is surprising since my computer usually only does that with extremely graphic intense submissions.

its somewhat interesting, but the lag kills the whole experience.

too easy.

while the controls were very tight and arcade ish. the real reason this game is bad is that the game gave up on me at lvl 18 where i had 5:53.24 on the clock.
no real point to playing.


This game kept my attention for about a minute, the game could have been good as a minigame in a much larger game, but this was just way too much of the same. The power ups were the only good part, but the speed power up was not well done, there could have also been a boost or overdrive or something of that sort...

annoying game . i thought it will use pliers and wires