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Reviews for "Bomb Detonator"

Fun but needs a bit more tweaking

I love the way the car drives, the look of the game, but I don't quite understand how driving over a bomb defuses it. I'd have more fun just trying to hit people. And what about the cannon? If you're trying to save innocent lives does it make sense to be able to blow people up? No is what I hope you arrive at. Not that I didn't love it. You need to show more of the screen because the more time power ups are hard to find, or you could make the bombs spawn farther apart and just give the player more time when they run over them. In the help screen, explain what the powerups do because I had no idea what to be looking for. Still, the car handles well, it had about a learning curve of 40 seconds, you just need to tie up some loose ends. I'd like to see the same engine used where you drive a snow plow in the winter and just run over people, and the power up, is a bigger plow.


Howeve, it was too difficult for some, and too easy for others. A changable difficulty system would really make this game shine. The main problem i have with this is the sheer inevitability of it all. You don't usually get to defuse 1 bomb every 2 seconds simply due to the distance between you and the bomb.

Also, considering how much you guys probably poured your heart and soul into this game.. yet you spell "detonator" wrong in the title.

I have a little idea for an upgrade. An upgrade that zooms the camera out, giving the player a greater field of view.

CorkySurprise responds:

Whoops! My bad!

Thanks for the review

needs balencing

Good game, but to difficult. You should get more than 2 seconds back everytime you get a bomb. It's almost impossible and you lose around the 4th level unless you get one of the time power-up things.


Very nice game and the music rocks too. It kept me playing. I liked the power ups also, it made it alot more interesting


bice job but the whole 20 seconds for the whole game is really annoying. you should have the time restart every new level to make it less quick of a death.

8/10 ---> 4/5