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Reviews for "Bomb Detonator"

oh wow

this game was so fun i giggled while i played it. very rare indeed


You don't need much in a game to make it entertaining. This one proves it.
The objective is simple, yet not that easy. The controls are minimized, wich makes the game very easy to pick up. It's just the kind of game you can play with one hand while you're relaxing in your chair. Not the kind of game you'll be playing for hours, but surely a game you'll appreciate for a few minutes every once in a while !

Great. Nice choice of music.

Love the song. You went well with Paragon, there. I think it's game which can be to play in a quick 5 mins. Wasn't there a catagory for 5 minuite games before on NG. Smooth graphics no lagging.

9/10 and 5/5 from me.


nice and how many games have had that song?

Very creative ^_^

Nice song and very fun the flash quality is 10/10 very nice.