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Reviews for "Bomb Detonator"

Not quite ripe yet....

Well - music and controle where good, the grafics nice but the gameplay wasn't that interesting. As pointed out already - you just follow an arrow and dodge a random car or two throughout the game.
Also - the guy in this truck is about the fastest Ultra-McGuyver-Chuck Norris to defuse a Bomb by driving around it.
Kudos to the sect that can turn a bunch of TNT-Rods into a nuclear bomb threatening a whole country.

CorkySurprise responds:

Ultra-McGuyver-Chuck Norris


Kind of bugs me when the description of the game includes "This is a fun game". Aren't we the ones who decide whether the games are fun or not? Anyways, the controls were annoying, the power-ups were scarce and pointless, and the cars barely played any difficulty in getting to the bomb.

I didn't see what's so fun.


The only thing that happened was drive in one direction towards something. That is all, apart from "powerups" and a few rare cars.

every thing was good

except that it was boring

I didn't like it

I'm sorry man but this game wasn't that great. Next time you try harder and get some ideas from other people or a game tester to tell you whats dumb.