Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys Xmas"

Smells like Christmas spirit..

And it's definitely full of it! ;D

You are the king of twisted hilarity. Yes yes.

But really, is eating children really so bad? We should try to see it from his point of view! ;P


"aww, isn't that the cuttest thing?", I rofled... ^-^
I love the Sci-Fi guys and I love Retarded Animal Babies...
The animation is getting a bit old, but your art doesn't... :D


Great movie
great animation
great parodies
kept me luaghing the whole time
its awsome!


hey dave (if i may call u that), just so u know, this isnt hate mail. im a huge fan of bother sci-fi guys and retarded animal babies. ur animation rocks. and this one was especcially funny, keep up the awsome work.

Best holiday parody I've ever seen

You just about covered all the christmas movie bases and your voices and animations were top notch. any sucker for christmas tv specials will LOVE this.