Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys Xmas"

Blunt Fun :)

This is really one of your best works ever.
Everything was fun as hell, and was the ending inspired over that Charlie Brown Xmas movie ?
Excellent work man, keep it up, and meerrryyy xmasss :D.


bungi was by far the best character and just the way he said u got a babies arm in your mouth was hilarious!!!

Dave its your best ever.

This is the best flash you have ever made. I think its even better than every RAB flash you made.

Woo, on that 1 every 1 wins! Except the drunk elf.

Off course, Dave makes another, hilariously-insano-rama for us all to enjoy, Happy Quanzicaunimas!

But great job as always Dave.


best sci fi guys

I was so sad when they took this off camp chaos but now that you have them all here this is awsone. Great job best one in the series.