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Reviews for "NEOLLA II"

ok game

I was able to get rescued after trial and error with the coordinates in the radio station. I had a map in my inventory, but was not able to use it....

Woah man...

Well to start off this isn't a bad submission, once again the graphics are top notch and that helps the gameplay out, but it's so unbelievebly hard. For one it might be nice to respawn at a point in the game instead of at the start because it's really discouriging playing the game for 20 minutes and then losing. Nontheless once again you created a good submission that was immersive in almost everyway. Overall, great stuff you really created a good, fun submission and you did a good job with it.

Good but impassable without the tab button

why? because your vaccum cleaner and the keycard are invisible... you can't see them at all so you have to use the tab key to realise they're even there to select when you're looking at the wardrobes... otherwise the game isn't too bad.

Cannot Finish

This is a nice game but after you leave the first shelter there is no way to get into the radio station... No key card please fix this.... I think this could be a good point and click game.

Rumpelstilzchen responds:


The key is in the first Shelter. Wardrobe. First door.

too hard

the drawing style is nice and the music is pleasant but the game is too hard right off the bat. i got to putting on the green coat and thats it. you definetly need a walkthrough.