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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"

ohhh yeah

good game, nice visual effects (i loved the particles), lightning fast as you described it. 10/10. (lol- "STDs")

Uuuwwsome game!!!

ii luv this game, beautiful graphics... i luv the turrets, and the lasers, colourfull... very good...

good part if u just keep turning your mouse around the planet and all the enemies and turrents gets explode, the screen becomes full of awsome exploding colours...

nice game, so giving u 10/10 and voted 5/5!



Not bad

But as said below, once you go hyper, there's no challenge, i mean, i threw in a couple of small ones now and again for the massive explosion when they die.

At lvl15 i just got very bored, would've been cool if you expanded the play area a little each level and greatly increased the number of enemies, plus a few more enemy types, and maybe a final level of sorts with some kind of mothership, something to aim for, rather then just continuing endlessly forever ^^

Great game

The game is sweet, 10/10 addicting. Kind of reminds me of Geometry Wars, well the art does, definately not the gameplay. Keep it up man. :)

omg aweseom

at first I was like "meh" but then i tryed again and it got really intense and took some skill, rigigng up hypers everywhere n stuff was cool.