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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"

it was ok but...

its quite fun at first but then its too repetitive. you shoould add more things like power-ups, bosses or more enemies.
the satelities were repetitive too, always the same shot with the difference on the number of it.does it have and end? i wont try to play it for a long time to see so.

yee haw


Made my day.

Played this all day instead of doing the work I was supposed to be catching up on.
That was last week.

Damn you Newgrounds!

But, back on topic,
Great game, but gets rather too easy when you set up a few of those final turrets.
They last practically forever and gun things down with ease.
Plus, when you have 3 or 4 of those, the money comes in fast enough to either fill the screen with lower level turrets, or keep up a healthy 10-12 HUGE turrets.

Make it harder?
Make more turret types?
Perhaps, a way to 'charge' turrets without having them explode and have to be replaced?
A purchasable shield?

Just putting some ideas out there.



Very fun and highly addictive. Wave 18 before i got too bored to keep playing good balance of difficulty though maybe just a bit harder.

Wave Reached: 20

i liked it, very addicting