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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"


Its a pretty good defense game, nothing too incredibly special though. It is a little too easy to get the hyper satilite. It would be better if you could heal the planet, and not be able to shoot through the planet, because then it would require more strategy. You did alright kid. Good work, but it could be better

realy not bad

it's good eglest i fink so

Very Fun

This game is very fun and non-boring, but too easy. It was also very easy to get a hyper turret, you should reduce the money output from enemies so its harder to get these. I managed to get almost 8 of them. Overall, good gaphics, fun gameplay, awesome attacking, and easy.

enemies were too brightly coloured

i got really bored of this quickly. all the enemies of the waves i played were so brightly coloured i could hardly see them, the background should probably have been black because it was in space, i liked the graphics and the music but the colour of the enemies and the control of the satelites wrecked it.

Very good game

The story of the PLANET.
It was once a peaceful planet with only three small turrets for defence, which of course it never used since it was so peaceful, that is, before the ALIENS attacked.
The peaceful planet was caught by surprise and the calm realm was reduced to 1 hitpoint. But in the end the planet retaliated and the defensive matrix grew until it had four hyper turrets. But this was not the end. the matrix grew rapidly until it consisted of 23 hyper turrets. 17 more waves of aliens the planet survived like this, but in the end, it met a horrible demise...

In other words, very good game. What you need to do is just go for hyper turrets once you can afford them, then just put more and more of them in a circle around your planet. And one other thing, once you've got several hyper turrets, just go mad.