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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"

good game but needs touching up

this game is good great graphics, good sound but i think u should put a beginer turret to start with with unlimited ammo then u would wotk your way up. oh btw, maybe the abbreviation for the turrets shouldnt be STD you noe wat i mean. anyways great game keep it up

Pretty good but you could really improve upon it.

The game itself is pretty good. I have litte else to suggest that's not already in the reviews. You need to add some bosses, more enemy's, and more satellites.

I quit after Wave 20 when I had 16 hyper satellites surrounding the planet and I was virtually unbeatable, it got a little to repetative.

You could also add different planets with different hit points on certain levels.

Overall, good job and keep it up.


graphic: 8/10
addiction: 5/10
sound effects: 6/10
visual effects: 9/10
objections: When your satellite or whatever it is gets out of ammo he explodes. (-3 points)
total: 25/40 (in stars 7)


Great stuff but needs more bosses, different enemies and maybe more upgrades/satalites. Beside that its a great game.

Repetitive and easy

10 hyper stations or wuz it 13? anyway its all i needed...add afew bosses to ur next production.
this game has potential...but lack of new enemies, bosses,and bigger and badder turrets made the thing repetitive and too easy.
sorry but my final score stands at:
8/10 4/5