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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"

Decent, but...

Visually appealing, looping music wasn't annoying, an overall good game.

More variation was needed in terms of enemies, turrets, and perhaps auto firing turrets.

Oh well, there's always S.T.A.R. Defence 2.

ur kidding

ur kidding no auto fire this sucks the point of tower defence is to place ur tower and watch em shoot


why do the turrets explode? that's gay. you should be able to upgrade your turrets.
and it's so boring.

Good, but...

Too easy. I would also like to see more varying types of enemies... thinks got pretty repetetive by around wave 16 when I got bored. ;)

dude that was fucking AWESOME!!!!

o man, great great game, probably the best defence game their is.

love the colors of it too, really makes this a cool game! kinda like geometry wars but stanidngstill ^_^