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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"

Almost perfect

Love the game. Got a bit too easy though.
One thing: Don't make the satellites explode, the large explosion made this too easy.
I filled the screen with little ones (and later, hyper) and sprayed in short bursts. Got to like wave 30 till i just quit. Put in some bosses :)

Small defense game

Oddly the rocks don't damange the satellites.


Good game could have more turrets and enemys.
When you reach level 10 I found it easier to build a lot of the small ones, they are cheap and there explode effect comes in handy in the latter levels


The key to the game is the firing just put a bunch of light turrets in a cluster for a crazy shotgun effect for cheap man i hate the ammo becuase when i get frustrated with the 6th wave i just go fully auto and spray everything with lasers!Keys to success

.have a good firing sights make sure all your turrets dont hit the planet

.only go crazy fully auto if you have to and theres like 10 blue thingies

.conserve ammo short accurate burst should be sufficiant to take down any thing!

.also use fully auto if you want to make all your stuff to explode and then destroy all on map!


good game made it to lev 47 thn got bored ................