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Reviews for "S.T.A.R. Defence"


dont mass light towers

a great game, but

as I said, a great game! but, it's Very hard....maybe a difuctly level changer would have been nice....other than that, it's AWESOME

Great =D

A good idea, well presented and with an awesome soundtrack by Waterflame (his music kicks ass =) )

More upgrades/enemies

Very nice looks, I like colors, but too few upgrades and only 3 enemy types. Also it was a bit too easy. Increase enemy hitpoints with time and create harder enemies.
Maybe also make the screen a little bigger and increase enemy movement speed.

I like the ammo and that the explotions damaged the enemies, that was fun.
Because of the colors, the finite ammo and the explotions you'll still get a decent score.

Could of been better

Just blowing up when running out of ammo is retarded. And you failed to include an option for turning the music off. Because of this you only get a 5.