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Reviews for "Its A Chain Reaction!!"


I like it!
Next time a bit longer^^

mamacaddyhat responds:

Thanks very much!
Will do! :)


Lol, that was random!

mamacaddyhat responds:

did ya like it :D

i wanna see how good you are at flash. send me one.

good effort...

i liked it. the song was ok. keep practising and you'll become a hella lot better...

mamacaddyhat responds:

thanks, I will :D

not bad at all

Better than my first submission anyways haha, enjoyed watching it, good song too - haven't heard it in a while.
Good work and keep practicing.

mamacaddyhat responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it. ;)


Not the best, but not bad. The animation is okay, but it's too short. I can tell you worked hard on it, but make your next movie a little longer. :]

mamacaddyhat responds:

thanks ;)