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Reviews for "Its A Chain Reaction!!"

Work harder

If you can, plz put a preloader. It would be much better. The idea was good, it was fun, but the quality was poor. Try some tutorials, it may help.

mamacaddyhat responds:

i'll do that, thanks.

needs more

the end was to soon, make it more detailed, i was curious what would happen with the satalite and it just blew up the whole world, kindoff a anti climax :p

mamacaddyhat responds:

thanks, I'll keep that in mind!

good effort...

i liked it. the song was ok. keep practising and you'll become a hella lot better...

mamacaddyhat responds:

thanks, I will :D

.. por

Hey, i gave this animation a 1. You got one point because it had a bit of art and shouldnt get blammed... u lost 4 because it well, needed more effort.


mamacaddyhat responds:

I did put in effort :(


I like it!
Next time a bit longer^^

mamacaddyhat responds:

Thanks very much!
Will do! :)