Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

You're right!

I totally agree with you!
Fuck Egoraptor!

I mean seriously, who would like a flash movie that makes fun of video games. It's totally not true that most humor is based on exposing the ironies of real world situations.

How dare Egoraptor extend that same type of humor to a demographic of people who love video games!?!?!

Good call, man. I'm totally glad you submitted this poorly made flash bashing a successful flash animator just because they have talent and you don't care for their work.

Your immaturity stat must be like +26 right now!
Oops, sorry for the video game humor :(


PS: This post-script is just to remind the users of Newgrounds that the internets is serious business.

Don't bother making anymore PW's...

No matter how good you think you are, you have no right to think you're better than everyone...and Ego is much better than you. He chooses to animate in that manner the same way YOU choose to make sprite animation..and don't give us the shit that you're better in animation. I've seen your sprite-less works and they suck. They're mediocre. Why am I even bothering to right this damn thing? You're not even here. You're afraid to admit defeat. You're afraid that you're losing you're so-called fans. Choose your actions better next time you big fool.


Auto 10 just for making fun of the new grounds LOL nice needs work but still i fou nd it funny

AshfordPride responds:

Thank you.


People think this is a useless review.

Needed to be done.

Maybe this will open some people's eyes. Egoraptor's crap cannot be considered funny anymore. The idea has been played out. Move on, start being original or stop making movies.