Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

It is like an episode of Gilmore Girls!

Lol. Nice job. Not fast talking, Fast mouth movement!!!

Kool. 5/5

AshfordPride responds:

Yeah, I know, right?

Dear god, people.

What the hell is wrong with Newgrounds, nowadays? Seriously, you guys need to take a walk in the park, or something, and take time from hugging your horn all day to Eg0raptor's stupid parodies.
Yes, though, I do like Egoraptor. But so does AshfordPride. You know, there was a time before Newgrounds basically washed everything away, when Ashford had this comment on the "Author Comments". It said, "I thought this was funny at 1 in the morning while jacked up on diet pepsi max...". Or something along the lines.

For some reason, it's gone now. But what you dipshits who take this too seriously don't know, Egoraptor actually saw this as funny. I think.

AshfordPride said sometime that he actually liked Egoraptor's work, thusly this video being just spur-of-the-moment.

Jesus Christ, guys. Get off your dick and actually THINK before you comment. You guys are worse than YouTube...

AshfordPride responds:

Here here!


The animation, was kinda off for this one, i think you should with sprites, also the voice acting didn't really thrill me either. Dialogue was kinda funny though. I'll give you a ten becuase i love Pheonix Wrong. Can't wait for the next PW!!!


Its not that i don't like him
i love him and his art but i do think he is overrated.
And the series is getting old :)

And i give props to you for having to courage to do this against basicly 95% of newgrounds


If you really think that the Awesome series sucks, then you probobly never watched any of it, or your just jealous that Egoraptor is so famous.
Plus, the shit that you call an 'animation' sucks ass.