Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


*Epic Facepalm*


Objection, anyone who likes egoraptor has more taste in actually drawing and animating and still coming up with a joke or two than putting gifs together and playing soundbits over them. It's a good thing you aren't making anymore pheonix wrong...and what an embarrasment trying to make a statement with such a sad collection of submission. Congratulations on one more viewer though. At least polish up your comedy, artwork, and burn skills...before you attempt to bash on someone else and/or make people laugh....I agree with everyone, no animation, no jokes, no burn....no stars...


i think somebodies jealous ^.^ you, mister.
u mad bro?

Cough* cough* Ewww

I dont know what to say about this bra... everybody else beat me to it. Your cartoon couldn't even back you up man.... it sucked. Listen to xHazZzarDx and Breaktroll . Your cartoon had no gravity whatsoever and you didn't even make any effort into this man. You just rushed it. You can hate Egoraptors cartoons all you want man but Egos work is 10 times better than yours and hes hilarious. You cant convince anybody you were breaking grounds with this piece??? You weren't even trying. Next time write down your ideas and take your time so that way you'll have something decent, DAMN!

Egoraptor is off the chain dude and a really talented animator. WTF is wrong with you huh?!? I'm sorry but this but this is getting a negative 0.


The Adventure Quest ads were more entertaining than this.