Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

I can't tell if this is a joke

I am just unable to tell if this was done for parody reasons or if this is actually a serious video and you were tired while making this.



FTW. :|

Anyone who likes Egoraptor has still has a point of view. You rubbed to Egoraptor's face that he's like a complete loser. Well, i say this is more worse than Egoraptor's flash. And really, EGORAPTOR'S flash deserves a 10, than this old garbage. :P And seriously, Awesome Grounds, what a boring name. And i think someone's just jealous of Egoraptor's flash. :P

jeez dude

my bud recommended this to me and said it would be hilarious, but that was just horrible. i just so happen to think Egoraptor is as awesome as his videos are. i also think you're as bad as your video is. seriously, how long did it take you to make this? 10 minutes? u deserve 38 negative reviews for every time i had to watch that annoying eternally-opening-and-closing-mouth animation, and about 6 more for every hateful word you said about not just Egoraptor, but about gilmore girls as well.


this was a painfully dull animation, next time please try and have better animations, the talking wasn't in sync with the lip movement in a few parts. all in all, this flash was crap. please try and do better next time