Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

Jealous much?

Get a life bro this was hard to watch, Egoraptor is funny. However you sir are not.

No. Just, no!

Please, pleeease stop making animations.

For starters, Egoraptor's characters look like they're saying words. Secondly, his animation looks relatively simple, but it's not.
He also puts thought into what he's saying.

If you're going to imitate someone and take the mick, get it right.

This just hurt my ears and eyes.


Not funny at all. Seriously. All you do is criticize him. The "A-Hole" joke wasn't even enough to get you a 1.


Do not want. I was expecting lulz, but found none


First, And this is why this review is titled what, What the heck was "Egoraptor" saying? The voice over was really bad. Also the drawing itself was just plain lazy. I understand that you were trying to replicate Ego's kind of intentionally crappy drawing style but you could have tried harder than this. Most flashes like this don't get past judgement and for good reason. Because they are badly made and just supposed to put down another Author. No point to them. If you didn't get Ego Raptor's stuff, Go review and tell him that calmly and nicely. Or just ignore his vids completely.

And on another note, Why are all these reviews beneath me rated useless? Most of them are just expressing their point of view. Nothing useless about that.