Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


Just.... Stop.... Egoraptor may not be the best, but he works hard on what he does. he admits that his art is not his extent, but his fans like his artwork. If you wanted to make a point, don't make a bad 2 slide flash with barely audible audio.


I disagree. Egoraptor has definitely done some rather iconic flashes, not to mention his artwork. Maybe they aren't a Mona Lisa, but, almost everyone can recognize the 'O' face. However...
If you're going to sit down to do a parody, you may as well do your best on animation so at least people can see what you've got.. Shortcuts aren't really appreciated in the viewer's eyes so, don't make a scene that describes an image, actually draw it, that will probably help the viewer relate. Also, you kinda failed even harder when you stole images from other T.V. shows, like FLCL. No one wants to see other people's art, so, reinterperate the image yourself, and then make your own version.
That's all I got for ya.


This is terribly bad. I mean, unlike you, Egoraptor actually puts effort into his work. If you're gonna make a somewhat half decent parody of it at least actually animate better.

Fail Grounds

Anyone who hates Egoraptor has no taste whatsoever. Honestly people, how couldn't you be so entranced by some wonderfully made flashes about video games?

9/10 of the reviews are honest and wise. If you're looking for whistle points, take it somewhere else.

i get ir

egoraptor is funny
but sometimes he gets redundant
i really hatew all these trolls