Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


But I like the awesome humor. Plus the animation was a little on the dull side. You could have mixed it up a bit.

AshfordPride responds:

I could've...

I should've...

I didn't.

not bad

i like your flsh but you can work on the rhyme of the mouth but for the rest is funny it's for that i save your flash good work

AshfordPride responds:

Yeah, I thought about doing some lip sync.

Then I thought about going to bed more.


He has good animation, idea, humor, he does voices for everything and it sounds really nice. I dont get the problem...jealous much? he didnt just go 'whats up with mario and eating mushrooms' he made a animation about it. Not just lypsync. Make fun of him with better animation 2 for the flcl pic i guess

AshfordPride responds: