Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


Dude, at first I thought, "HAHAHAHAHA! These are so hilarious!" But after I saw this it put hard disapointment in my heart. I know how everyone would probably say "Dude! No!! Make more man! Make more! Your putting world at it's doom!" But no. I understand. I guess the thing with video games being to the side of people and it takes what people like and just adding swears to make it to what seems funny. Well maybe you can just start your own series of flash animtions!Then you can add swears. That way you don't put it down on video games. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!


just cause you dont like the awesome movies don't give you the right to slate em. seriously if you think the movies are pathetic, think how pathetic you are creating a movie and wasting hours of yourf life complaining about it.

say what you have to say in a review next time....?

egoraptor rules!!! DING!


THIS FLASH SPEAKS THE TRUTH! but seriously the awesome series is just taking the unexplained crap in video games and swearing. i really dont see why its funny and this flash shows how pointless it is.

Funny, but needs more frame by frame animation.

It was funny, but the problem was the concept; attempting to bash a well-known, revered artist is not gonna win you a lot of popularity. I did like it, though. You could have made a little fbf animation, not just basically still images with audio over it.

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wow i dont even no y i clicked on it