Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

holy god

dude, if you want to make a parody, do it right. don't make shittier movies than Egorapter makes when making fun of them. this was just aweful. the drawings, the voiceacting, the animation, just horrid. i can't understand why this is still on newgrounds. they only part that made me laugh was when you said "the a-hole" other than that, absolute crap.


These kind of animations are really starting to annoy me....
The animation was very simple and stupid! Work a bit more on your animations before you post them...


wtf that sucked so bad iv almost disowned newgrounds 0/10 (if i could give it that)

surprisingly un-crap

As a fan of Egoraptor's work, you may be surprised to know I enjoyed this, cause, well, this is exactly what he does. I actually wanted to give this a seven, but I gave it a ten to help balance out out the children who take criticisms against their favourite series personally (think FFVII fanboys ^^).

Author......Ashford Pride?

Wow. Never would have guessed you would have a problem with the Awsome series. But enough about my opinion. This flash gets a 5 because it was kind of funny. Thats about it. Not much animation to it. But theres no reason to make an entire flash about your hatred of "Awsome". Everybody's got different ways to make people laugh. Ego uses cursing and pointing out the obvious, and you make people laugh by adding voice clips to Pheonix Wright. Your both great flash artists, so just leave it alone.