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Reviews for "Video Gamerz Chronicles1a"

Cool....... but

Two things u should change:
1. The glitch when everything shit it self.
2. Please stop useing anime music, sorry to say but, movies get really bad when they use that. so please, dont.

Why does it freeze

why can't you mess the subtitles like 1b


I think it was really nice done, anyhow the movie started to loop when kirsten told scott they were together, but I will watch it again :P

for some reason the screen freezez and the subtitles go berserk at the end, other then that i love your work Scott

Man this is still sooo much better than the souless crap you put out on youtube nowa days. I know its childish and basicly a self insert fanfic but I loved it as a kid. Why did I have to become an adult? I just want to wallow in selth indulgance.
Also I sorry I never learned how to spell.