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Reviews for "Video Gamerz Chronicles1a"

Good stuff

I liked it, I'll be eagerly awaiting more. Definitely always wanted to do something like this, I'm only good for voice acting though, not good on the artsy side. :(

Anywho, Keep up the good work, and the shorter one's will be better cause when they get compressed into the swf you won't get the seizure inducing text explosion and the gaps in the matching of the sound and animation.

And Also Fluffypuff. GTFO nooblet, before you go bashing a certain style of art, learn how to spell it, I'll help you out with that one. A-N-I-M-E. Get your GED and make bad life decisions so you'll be in and out of our jail system and we'll never hear from you again.


what jeremy5 said its weard i would just make a sequel to it only telling what happend in that part o ya and WEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay

man this flash is awesome

this is the best thing that i've seen in years i seen it 26 times but you could fix the ending

This was so cool!

Everyone else has already pointed out the obvious so yeah >->;
But I liked it very much and the animationing was VERY good oAo like, wicked excellent


omg that froze thing happend to me to