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Reviews for "Video Gamerz Chronicles1a"


Its really good but a glick came up on how he thhanks her.

sum of all awes = awesome.

Okay... so the series is right now everything you have promised it would be. Funny, cool fight scenes, decent plot (from what I have seen), good voice actors, fitting background music, but there's only one small problem I'd like to ask about. For some reason, after Kristen says the line "I promised that I would never leave you" (or whatever it was), the movie goes completely nuts. The picture freezes, the subs go wild by showing all the previous subtitles at once, and the menu buttons stop working.

Help plz?

Given that this is a technical error instead of bad content, ten and favorites anyway, but please respond back to me.

Scott-Falco responds:

The FLA file was humongous, causing problems in the SWF, I cant fix it, seeing as how when i try to republish the swf, it crashes. Not much was missed at the end, Scott merely runs away. And the plot isnt really developed yet, all thats known so far is that Seo's a virus, and theyre in the virtucube. The why comes up later


fucking animie nerds get the hell of of newgrounds

Scott-Falco responds:

Whereas parts of this could be considered anime,
I would not label this whole thing as anime,
you fail to realize that shiny eyes does not make anime

And before you critique others, i suggest you make something yourself

Its alright

I would of liked to see like a little movie about 10 minnites long.For goodness sakes it took you like 5 years for you to make the flash movie.

not bad

interesting story and characters you just need to go back and fix some of the quality issues. Just don't lose the faith and give up completely cause that happens to way to many talented flash artists