Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

tht was amazing!!!

lovin the style

n chris wo good in it n all.


Omg rocket crotch rules

I bow to you great one. Please make more of these flash artworks. We are not worthy.


pleasantly suprised, the style was very unique. the only simiar thing i've seen like it is the art from the show "one piece" very funny and original. you've inspired me to take a new approach on my animation.

Funny & awesome

Awesome animation!! Cant wait for the next one!
What I don't get is why he's so skinny and has a big chest. He looks like he's got boobs XD

lenkalamari responds:

Jezza spent several years in the gym working solely on his pecs, resulting in hideous muscle-boobs :D


yes, sad that this is actually better than all 3 spiderman movies combined

lenkalamari responds:

hehe, cheers dude.