Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

not that great

I didn't actually find this that entertaining, sorry. Sure it was pretty "random" and sorta "unique", but I kept on waiting for something to happen, and nothing entertaining did.

I found it was sort of a waste of fairly good animation to tell this cruddy story that failed completely. and I was watching this drunk, still not entertained. yeah.

sorry to everyone who rated this 9 or 10/10, but I couldn't get into it. If the guy hadn't had an english accent, I would have given this even lower.

lenkalamari responds:

although i admit that this is a badly paced cartoon, especially for a genre that requires action, i don't see what you mean by 'nothing happening'.

Zero you fucken red coat

Unique style but very, very, boring. No Good jokes in this at ALL

lenkalamari responds:

i like how you didn't say what exactly bored you about it

seeing as you gave high praise to the utter garbage that was 'one more brawl taunts' i'm probably gonna disregard your opinion on comedy anyway