Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

Veiwtiful Joe

It's like a british veiwtiful joe. I thought it was okay but the voices were a bit hard to understand sometimes (not because of the accents though). But the animation had a certain charm about it.

lenkalamari responds:

I love those games. Since I'm still pretty new with flash, you'll probably get more of a kick out of episodes to come.

not so much

i didnt like it that much... the accent screwed it up lol and the animation isnt that good maybe itll change a bit in the future either way the best of luck =P


lol it funny o_O the animitaion lol and lolt hey swear alot O_o

lenkalamari responds:

i actually restrained myself when it came to language regarding this movie

One Piece?

I think you might be highly influenced by One Piece because the characters have One Piece features and look very much like One Piece characters. Clothing, details, etc. Other than that, its all good, I especially liked the intro... the rest was meh.

lenkalamari responds:

i disagree. dr mocha is the only character that remotely looks like someone from one piece. especially with how he's drawn in this cartoon, the grin, the eyes, the ear piercings. that said, i am a huge fan of oda's art, and you're acting like it's bad to be influenced by something you enjoy

eh it was ok

as far as entertainment value it kept most of my attention...idk if this was front page material tho.

lenkalamari responds:

animation wise yes, this is awful

but i was also a complete amateur back then who was still learning flash, so i'm glad you were at least entertained by the silly writing/characters