Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

Cool Artwork!!!

That 3 month work has really paid off well. Good selection of music and enjoyable random action. I really love that wacky characters you draw. Hope to see more of you soon.

lenkalamari responds:

bizarrojoe you left a review on this? shit dude i love your art


The animation could use a bit of work, but otherwise...it was pretty awesome :o

Daamn you!!!

You god damn filthy pig stole my idea of a weapon in crotch! I even desinged and drawn a nice character
"in 2057, world has been taken over by super evil badguy organisations and multimillion corporations. Our hero Action-Pete was an rough crimefighter, excop. Then something happened, something that changed his live forever. Badguys shot him on the crotch with a shotgun, he was taken to quickly hospital. There they used ultra hi-technology to glued an arsenal of weapons into his croch. For payment he dedicated his life to fight for facist goverment led by imperialist pigs, which actually didn't change his life at all."

lenkalamari responds:

uh oh! i stole an idea from someone i've never met before, folks! guess i'm busted!

well this was differnt.....

a new concept with a guy that gets on my nerves.....

lenkalamari responds:

Jezza is custom built to get on your nerves.

Improve it.

It was well drawn, but the sound was so terribly off (both unsynchronised and too loud or too quiet) that I had to turn it off somewhere in the middle. Shame, really, a shame.

lenkalamari responds:

yeah i hate the sound design in this too. i was a complete amateur though.