Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

Very Nice!

Original and funny to the core! I really liked this! And it's going in my favs, but what's a critique without some real critique, huh? So here I go......

The animation is very stiff and over-tweened. It's most obvious when you imported a lot of drawings and then pan them around too much. But then you even make a note of that flaw in the robot scene, so I'm curious if you are making fun of the way your cartoon was handled or merely using that observation as an excuse to get away with the bad animation. It's strange because the drawings are so sloppy and loose it's like you drew everything only once and didn't bother to fix or re-draw it, but on the other hand, the whole cartoon looks that way...so it does seem consistent as a whole. I want to say it's like a cartoon come to life from a sketch book. And that's NOT a bad thing. It was a nice quality in some cartoons, like "What Ever Happened to Robot Jones?", so this cartoon may be read the same way.
Seeing as how the main focus was humor, I think it's a successful cartoon in that aspect. I admit I laughed really hard on some scenes because it was so "serious" in its silliness. For example, Dr. Mocha getting so insulted over his piercings or when Jezza seems to be experiencing a real state of inner mediation only to find its occupied by a gay record singer (whose face I might add was hilarious). If I could recommend some improvements, it would be these things:

1. Audio: The voices are great, but the quality sucked. One minute they are so low on the speakers they sound like whispers, and then the next scene they are blaring out their lines. It was such an obstacle, that it made watching your cartoon a hassle, as I needed to keep my hand on my volume knob as I watched it. If it hadn't been for the originality and story in the cartoon, I probably would have given up on watching the whole thing.

2. Animation: Just a little extra effort in this, can make all the difference. For example, when the shark went to eat the bait. You could have at least animated him biting the hook instead of sliding him behind it and moving his mouth to chews that don't affect the line at all. That just looks lazy. And more angles would have been nice. You throw a few in there, like the pan between villains and hero, but then when the fights really happen they are flat and one-dimensional. Think like how in a comic book we get a whole lot of angles of something coming at us or around the character. We see them from the back, top and sides.

3. Character: (not sure if this one can be changed much, since you probably already have their designs the way you like them but)....Jezza and Dr. Mocha and Kaz all look too similar in face. They dress differently enough to distinguish them, but they all have the same head and face. If you could draw them a little more different I think it would help keep them apart. Scrumptious Jack was perfect though! Hahaha!

Okay, so I think I've talked too much now, and I apologize for the long review, but I liked this cartoon a lot and where it could go in the future, so I hope this review is seen as being a little helpful and not bashing. Honestly, I can't wait for the next one! So I hope my critique is taken with a few grains of salt.

lenkalamari responds:

Thanks alot man, constructive criticism is always welcome.

I went for the 'sketchy' style because I was sick seeing all these pristine, clean looking flashes with these really false-looking characters. I would have put more frame by frame in if I had the time ;)

As for sound, it was beyond my control for the most part, as my laptop speakers are really tinny, and my speakers back home (I'm at college you see) are very heavy on the bass. That, and the lines were recorded in different locations spread over 3 months, so that's DEFINITELY going to be gotten rid of for the sequel.

As for everything else - I've been drawing these characters for a good few months now. The symbols for Jez, Mocha and Kaz were all drawn back in the summer, and now they have much more unique designs.

And I'm SO glad you picked upon the angles - that was my main gripe with this movie. The newest ep is all storyboarded and will contain practically no recycled material save an establishing shot here and there.

So yeah, as a beginner I guess the only way is up. You can expect good things I hope ;-)


Dr mocha is a big smelly chav!

lenkalamari responds:



Everything about this video is good,EXCEPT...The sound balance...
Like sometimes you have to raise/lower the volume...It's annoying...
Next time,balance the sound. ;)
But other than that the video was great.

lenkalamari responds:

the sound in this sux dix


The way how he get his weapon is one of the most stupid versions of getting power I've seen so far =)
Anyway, graphics: 9/10
Sound: 6/10 (fighting music wasn't too good for example)
fun-factor: Meh, there were moments when I had to "lol" 5/10
animation: 10/10 (good enough for me)
style: not too original but the shark was so good =D 9/10

Best Superhero Ever.

Tweak the sound quality and in another episode, (assuming this would be episodic) don't use the "poor animation" joke to skimp out on a fight scene.

"Wooow! Shaky camera action!"

Still, though. Best superhero ever evereverever.