Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"


Seriously though, they make me laugh just like that. Tghe jokes were awesome, and very well executed. Keep making these!

Best ive seen on newgrounds in a long time

Really, i loved the animation, the voices were done very well, and i laughed quite alot, great job, cant wait to see the next.

Really Unique

Reminded me of when Viewtiful Joe was first released. Great style, unique animation, and okay humor. Pretty random but not THAT funny. Since this is just the first episode, I expect improvements on the later episodes. Great overall!


dude awsome its bout time there were more british animators mate, keep it up it was the most origanal thing iv seen on newgrounds

"Ya made me lose ya fat shit!!!"

Too funny for words poor Jess hahah. Although at times the audio was still a bit hard to hear and understand. Voices and character designs were excellent. Looking forward to the next installment of Rocket Crotch!!!