Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

injoyed it

not front page?, V acting was great, but I think it was great because of the location
of the artists who created it maining they probly normally talk that way lol. The art stlye was great as well, one of the more orginal stuff on newgrounds, keep it up
chreees lol


awsome man friggen great but theres one issue the hiumor is hard fer me cause o tha slang ehh ohh welll thats america fer ya

So funny!

Thats so funnt and random. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next episode!

Fucking Awesome Crotch Rocket!

Finally! A real movie with metal hard balls that isn't afraid to go there and beat the crap out of a gigantic and slightly retarded but still nearly invincible metal shark made by some coffee loving shit who also happened to swap your junk with super awesome metal junk, then leave instead of destroying your town.

If there is any movie better than this, it would have to be a Rocket Crotch 2. Which, in order to be a good sequel would have him firing a fucking gigantic lazer from his metallic underpants which not only misses, but was so freaking awesome to behold that the enemy just says "screw this, I'm going home."


This kicks so much tail. And you made me laugh. So tentententen. Tenten. Rocketcrotch should be on tv :D